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Sandblasting: Traditional grit-blast surface preparation strips away rust, dirt and paint.

Glassbead Blasting: As a surface finish - creates a clean, bright uniform matte texture.

Plastic Media Blasting:  This process removes coatings without causing any damage to the underlying substrates, such as fiberglass, aluminum or plastics.  Low delivery pressure combined with the low particle density of plastic media allows the process to be safely used for applications where heavier and harder abrasives would pose potential problems.

Industrial Painting: Enamels, acrylics, epoxies and urethanes, on almost any surface.


Extensive In-House Capabilities

We provide high quality in-house surface preparation and metal finishing year round. We specialize in structural steel, weldments of any size, plus: Castings Tanks (interior & exterior), Pumps, Piping.

Miller also sandblasts and paints automotive parts and miscellaneous retail items.

Industrial Painting

Call Miller Sandblasting & Painting Inc. today for all of your surface preparation needs at 585-436-0420.

Service Areas Include: Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo NY